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An Alpha’s Mate available for preorder

Dragon shifters... Fated Mates... Second chance romance... Book 1 in the Rugged Peaks series

Happy dance! The preorder for An Alpha’s Mate is available for preorder! It’s been quite the journey. And I can’t wait to share Blake and Taryn’s story with you!

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If you enjoy fated mates stories, second chance romance, and healthy doses of sexy dragon shifters all wrapped up in a happily ever after, this one’s for you!

Here’s the full blurb:

Blake Beckett was coasting along just fine. Solo. Carefree… Until a portal accident during a routine mission to Earth left him stranded with no memory. Where he meets… His mate?

Blake gave up on love after his first mate died, leaving him a barren wasteland on the inside. But as his memory returns, the reason for his trip, his sacred duty to his dragon clan, comes rushing back. To deliver Taryn, the newest human offering, to his Alpha and brother.

Taryn Anders willingly signed up for a five year stint on the planet Rayner by entering the lottery held on Earth. But she’s human and unfamiliar with the clan’s ways. Not to mention fighting her own demons due to an abusive ex who still haunts her days and nights.

The Alpha might pass her by. The alternative could mean battle with his brother, igniting upheaval within the clan, straining the tenuous grip of power the Alpha struggles to maintain. Meanwhile, no dragon shifter can deny the primal calling of his mate for long. Soon Taryn will be in danger.

From him.

This series is so much fun to write! My love for paranormal romance began years and years ago. I found it was the perfect mixture of romance and fantasy, my two favorite genres. And hello… dragons…

Fantasy throws open the door to the options available for story setting, the diversity of characters, and of course the possibility for additional elements like magic and prophesy, (both present in An Alpha’s Mate and the rest of the series) for example, which lends itself to all types of fun worldbuilding!

An Alpha’s Mate is set in 2100 on the planet Rayner. Their inhabitants peacefully coexist with Earth’s population, although they have a tumultuous history. As the story opens, Blake is on a routine mission to Earth to fulfill a standard contract obligation. However things go very wrong, beginning with a portal mishap.

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