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An Alpha’s Mate – Character spotlights!

An introduction to Blake and Taryn

Blake, hero from An Alpha’s Mate

Blake here. I thought I’d tell you a little something about myself. I’m one of six, count ’em, six siblings. All of us dragon shifters. Except  for my sister, Leslie. She’s extra special. She’s part dragon shifter, part witch, and all trouble most days.

If you’ve read, A New Beginning, (the free prequel) you’ve got a good idea about the shake up our family’s been through. I’ve done what I could. Carried my weight and then some, in my position as Director of Protection and Welfare.

Keeping my dragon steady has almost become a full-time job of its own though. Since my mate passed away, well, it’s been five years now, I take it day by day, trying to avert a freefall. I do what I can, but the emotions my dragon delights in rip my heart  to pieces on a daily basis.

So, I don’t do long-term, to my dragon’s great despair. Since I’d experienced true love with my mate, no one else can measure up. I’ve made peace with the fact I’ll never mate again. I stay immersed in work, then engage in frivolous play where women are concerned. We’re all adults and all have needs, right? But as soon as a woman gets too serious, I turn her loose and move on to the next one. It’s for the best. That’s what I tell myself, anyway. And for now  it’s working. I’m surviving.

I’m headed for another routine trip to Earth to pick up and transport a human female back to Rayner from the next lottery draw. Now, it’s not what you think… Women are clamoring to visit us. The lottery draw each month is quite the event on Earth. And each individual woman typically receives exactly what she desires from the individually negotiated exchange. Along with an opportunity to mate with a shifter… If  she’ll commit to five years here. It’s a win win. The program adds to our successful contracts on Earth, and we have the opportunity to integrate humans into our growing communities.

Avery, my brother, and our alpha, just sent me a telepathic message. I’m due at the portal for this quick round trip pick up. Not my favorite… Honestly, I hate this mode of travel.  Each time it feels like my insides are tossed around, then shoved back in the wrong places.  What can I do though? This is part of my sacred duty to the clan. So I’m off. 

Digital entry from Taryn Anders journal

My sabbatical at the beach has been hijacked! Here I was expecting some peace and quiet before the upcoming drawing. I mean, during any one of these monthly drawings my entire world could instantly shift. Then I’d find myself on another planet with a clan of dragon shifters for a term of at least five years. I’ve convinced myself this is a good thing.

But saying this in my head is totally different from admitting my decision face to face with someone. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and having my school debt paid in full, if I’m chosen, was enough to turn the tide for me. That, and as a nurse, I’m fascinated by the opportunity to study a freaking clan of dragon shifters. Just imagining all I could learn sends my mind whirling with possibilities.

Here’s the real kicker: Along with the commitment comes the chance of not only mating with a shifter but also having his little dragon baby.

Truly mind boggling stuff.

I’ve never traveled to another planet either. I’m excited about this too, though. Not only would I expand my horizons beyond my home planet, but I’d escape my ex for a while. I’m ashamed to admit the man still terrorizes my days and haunts my dreams. Honestly, I’m afraid he’ll never let go.

Back to my strange visitor from yesterday… Here I was, strolling the beach, enjoying the sun and my time away from work at the clinic, when before my eyes a portal hums open and spits out a man. He’s injured, I quickly discover. Conscious, but shaky on his feet. He’s got a head wound, but it’s not deep. I’m more concerned about his memory loss.

But I’m even more uneasy about him and the emotions he’s stirring up in me. I’m drawn to him in a way I can’t explain. Granted, he’s very well put together— with a chiseled jaw, abs to die for, and don’t even get me started on his tattoos—but the attraction that tugs at my core is more than all those things.

Maybe my nerves are just on edge from the upcoming drawing, but I’m a hot mess.

Oh, I’ve gotta run. Time to check his vitals.

P.S. God help me, my pulse is already racing…

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