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The day is finally here! An Alpha’s Mate is LIVE! And I can’t wait for you to meet Blake and Taryn.

Read on for some of Blake’s thoughts below.

f you enjoy strong, protective, male heroes, fated mates, second chance romance, and forced proximity tropes, along with unique world building, portal travel and telepathy, all wrapped up in an HEA–then this book is for you!

Blake and Taryn’s story is set in the year 2100, in a futuristic version of Earth. Planetary travel via portal is a thing, and shifters, fae, witches and vampires live on both Earth and Rayner.

The story is written in duel POV so we hear from both Blake and Taryn’s prospective.


Here are some snippets from early reviewers:

“The world building is amazing…” Goodreads reviewer

“…vivid descriptions pull you right into this great story and cause you to love the main characters…” Goodreads reviewer

“This is a novel with rich scenery and descriptions. Bree spins a tale with full characters that you get invested in.” Goodreads reviewer

Let’s hear what Blake has to say!

Blake here…

I wish you could be here with me. See our home on Rayner. Where our dragons are free to soar the skies without repercussion, excess rules, incarceration, or worse. Where most any type of shifter you can imagine is able to live their lives freely. Fae live here too and we welcome vampires as well. Humans also call Rayner home, although in lesser numbers than on their home planet, Earth. Of course not everybody is so accommodating of what we’ve chosen to create here.

Six of us in the Beckett family, all dragon shifters, except my sister who’s also a witch, rule over Rayner. I oversee the Department of Protection and Welfare. And it’s a good fit, for the most part. I enjoy almost every aspect, although, quite honestly, I could do without the portal travel part. My mate died in rare accident and even though it’s been five years, I still blame myself. Because it should have been me, not her, who was taken that day.

But since it’s my job, I’m off to Earth again to transport a human female back to Rayner. She chose to live among us, and so I’ll complete the contract on my end. Get her safely here, portal travel and all. Then present her to my brother, Avery, the alpha of our clan.

If you ever have the opportunity, apply for a visa and come visit us. You won’t regret it. In fact we have thousands of humans here who’ve chosen to make their home on Rayner. Some of those decide to mate with a shifter.

And here’s something most humans don’t know… They are gifted with telepathy after their mating. It’s one of the primary ways we communicate on Rayner.

Be sure to look me up if you decide to visit.

Blake Beckett, Department of Protection and Welfare

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