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Fallen Dragon – Character spotlights!

Avery and Charlie - Character confessions


Avery here… Yeah, I’m that Beckett brother.

Not long ago my brother, Blake, called me a soulless bastard. And you might agree. Seems to me those words fit pretty well. Along with a few others, like wrecked, and broken beyond repair.

Time has fled by while I’ve been mired in this pit of my own making. Three months have come and gone since my life was altered by a cruel twist of fate. Three months since I’ve set foot in the family mansion. Three months since I’ve spoken with my siblings. Three months since I’ve heard from my dragon. And one month since I’ve been off my meds.

I barely recognize this version of myself. Yet when I dig deep, memories start to surface of the boy I was once. Of me, years ago, training under my father’s tutelage, and of Tristan, the ever vigilant committed teacher. Back then I’d been free of this curse. A whole person.

My eyes fall to the clutter at my feet, wedged around me, and littered across the floor. I groan as the throbbing in my head makes me painfully aware that I’m still here, where I’m pressed up against the wall of this run down place.

My thoughts still swimming, I wonder again why I ever imagined that salvaging the shreds of my pitiful existence was even possible.

But when I feel the pain, the hatred, the humiliation, surging in me again, I wrestle my self-pity aside and work once more to accept the crushing defeat I’ve been dealt so I can at least focus on moving forward to fight another day.

I stagger before finding my feet. If I’m going to make it through this day, I need more alcohol. And lots of it. Then coffee. In that order.


I work, correction worked, at the Beckett mansion. For five wonderful years I’ve been happy there, more than I ever was among my own kind, the Fae. My job encompassed duties for the whole family, managing the household, planning extravagant events, and as time went on Avery trusted me with more responsibility.

Suffice to say, throughout my time here I’ve been enamored with Avery even though I knew he was out of reach. That he could never be mine. My service would have to be enough. After all, he was the Alpha. He had his sights set on much higher than me. Women came and went through his revolving door, and I helped supply them. I mean, I knew his type… Tall, lean, eager, and of course, beautiful… Human, shifter, fae, vampire—Avery wasn’t choosy in that regard. I even encouraged them to dress in a manner I was certain he’d find appealing.

Sometimes late at night, usually after too much to drink, Avery would share some of his aspirations for the future. The desires of his heart, which didn’t include being alpha of his clan of dragon shifters. The man is philosophical, has an intellect that I admire, as well as a lean, muscular physique, and a gaze of molten steel that I could lose myself in. We’ve never crossed that line, but gods…how I’ve dreamed of it.

When Avery lost the alpha challenge, I did as he asked and quickly packed his essentials. Then he left without a word to anyone else. My mind was a whirl of chaos, my thoughts never far from Avery and the manner in which he was ousted.

So what do I do? Resign from the best position I’ve ever had of course. Because how could I serve in the mansion when he wasn’t there? I hate to admit I’m tethered to him in a way that makes my insides ache and my heart pound with need.

Gods…What have I done? Outside of the mansion and my role there, the former alpha doesn’t know I exist. Yet I’ve left in solidarity with him. And somehow that makes this awkward transition feel like a beginning. I can only pray to the goddess that’s case.

It’s ludicrous I know, only I can’t help but wonder what if….

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