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An Alpha’s Mate

Blake Beckett had been coasting along just fine. Solo. Until a portal accident leaves him stranded on Earth with no memory. Where he meets… His mate?

Blake gave up on love after his first mate died, leaving him a barren wasteland on the inside. But as his memory returns, the reason for his trip, his sacred duty to his dragon clan, comes rushing back. To deliver, Taryn, the newest human offering, to his Alpha and brother.

Taryn Anders willingly signed up for a five year stint on the planet Rayner by entering the lottery held on Earth. But she’s human and unfamiliar with the clan’s ways. Not to mention fighting her own demons due to an abusive ex who still haunts her days and nights.

When Blake and Taryn are thrown together, fire sparks between them. But does their budding relationship stand a chance? There’s a slim possibility the Alpha will pass her by. The alternative means battle with his brother, igniting upheaval within the clan, the tenuous grip of power up for grabs between them in a fight of life or death. Meanwhile, no dragon shifter can deny the primal calling of his mate for long. Soon Taryn will be in danger.

From him.

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