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Fated To Be His

Blair Beckett’s motto was simple. Family first. Protect the clan. And always shield his heart.

He used to be the easygoing twin. Not any longer. Witnessing his brother nearly die fundamentally changed him. Some believe him to be the spare of the two. But he knows better. The clan would fall apart without his 24/7, tireless all-in mentality. He’d sacrifice himself in a heartbeat to keep his family and clan safe.

Emily Evers spends her days serving the public as a nurse. Then later her other persona takes center stage. The one who enjoys loud music, performing, and the lingering appreciation of the crowd. She can’t deny either one. The first keeps her grounded. The second stirs the depths of her restless soul.

When Blair transports to Earth on a humanitarian mission, he’s drawn into a catastrophe in progress. But the devastation underway is too far advanced for even him to stop. So he focuses his efforts on the woman fighting for her life in the middle of it all. And his world tilts. Emily falls hard for Blair’s charm. But when she comes upon a force that has her faith wavering, all her years of training and her belief in herself grind to a screeching halt. With the remnants of her life crumbling at her feet, she questions her path forward.

As the danger to their clan from the rogue fae escalates, Blair sets out to deal with the threat. Then the truth he knows well becomes all too clear. Their strengths lie in what they accomplish together.

And he is very much alone.

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