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Fallen Dragon

Avery Beckett couldn’t have fallen any further, even if he’d dug his own grave. Well, maybe technically he could have. Ousted from the family mansion, stripped of his status. Cast out in utter disgrace. That about covers it. His ruin almost complete.

Years of trauma surge to the forefront, leaving Avery no choice but to deal with the terrifying gift he’s been cursed with but had buried deep. The clan needs his unique brand of talents. Trouble is he’s no good for anyone else, least of all himself in his current state.

Charlie Evanston has faithfully served in the mansion since abandoning her home in the ranks of the fae ten years ago, but resigns in solidarity with Avery. And when it’s as if he’s seeing her for the very first time, she won’t miss out on this chance.

Meanwhile, the past and present collide, the clan’s future at a crossroads dependent on Avery’s next move. But his dragon, held at bay for so long, has other ideas involving the pretty fae, who’s dealing with her own heartache.

And he’s playing for keeps.

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